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March, 2014: Will-Burt Introduces AntennaMast™ Model AM2: Man-Portable Aluminum Tripod Mast System

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Will-Burt Introduces AntennaMast™ Model AM2: Man-Portable Aluminum Tripod Mast System
The AntennaMast line of portable tripod and field masts offers five distinct payload elevation solutions
The AntennaMast model AM2 is a man-portable, aluminum tripod mast designed for ease of use while delivering rapid payload deployment and rugged reliability.  The AM2 is extremely flexible and reliable and is capable of elevating multiple devices on a single mast.
March 10, 2014

A new man-portable, tripod mast payload elevation solution, the AntennaMast model AM2 will be introduced at the 8th annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix, Arizona on March 18th (Booth #1122). The AM2 is an entirely new mast engineered and manufactured by The Will-Burt Company, the world’s premier provider of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions. AM2 joins Will-Burt’s AntennaMast line of portable tripod and field masts whose introduction is being supported by the launch of a new web site, This new site delivers complete product specifications and drawings along with the ability to create and submit an RFQ directly to Will-Burt.

The AntennaMast AM2 is an aluminum tripod mast designed for ease of use while delivering payload deployment flexibility and rugged reliability. The AM2 can elevate up to 4 antennas and/or sensors to 49 feet (15m). The available EZ Raze™ payload elevation system with safety brake allows the operator to elevate and lower payloads simply by turning the crank on a winch. Mission speed is improved with payload interfaces and accessories that require no tools for assembly. These same interfaces can be used with all five elevation platforms offered in the AntennaMast family.

“The AM2 is the perfect addition to the AntennaMast family of portable tripod and field masts,” states Jeffrey O. Evans, President, CEO and Chairman of The Will-Burt Company. “The five unique mast systems of the family ensure that one does not need to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ approach – an optimized elevation solution will be delivered by AntennaMast.”

The AM2 further diversifies the capabilities of the AntennaMast family. The family is made up of the lightweight composite, Ranger masts which are the lightest man-portable tripod masts available. They deliver quick transport and deployment up to 60 feet (18.3m). The QEAM Quick Erecting Antenna Mast comes as both a lightweight composite field mast and a heavy duty aluminum field mast that can reach heights of 112 feet (34m) and elevate up to 180 lbs. (80 kg). Both QEAM systems have automatic locking collars that allow a payload to be deployed at any height. The Hurry-Up Mast rounds out the family. It is a push-up field mast that can be deployed to heights of 25 feet (7.6 m) in less than one minute. All AntennaMast products are backed by a two year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

“The search for the ideal combination of performance, mission flexibility and overall value were the drivers of the AM2 product development,” said John Stroia, Will-Burt’s Chief Operating Officer. “The experienced Will-Burt team that designed the AM2 listened to our customers and has delivered a product that meets their needs.”

About The Will-Burt Company:
The Will-Burt Company, located in Orrville, Ohio, is the world’s premier manufacturer of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions – the world’s one stop shop offering virtually every payload elevation solution from one source – for military, fire, cellular, broadcast, entertainment and other applications. Will-Burt also designs and manufactures military and other shelters made of all-composite materials that deliver higher performance at lower life cycle cost than metal or partial composite shelters. Will-Burt’s LINX security solutions provide integrated access control and intrusion detection certified to protect critical assets. Will-Burt also offers a variety of manufacturing services backed by an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system. Incorporated in 1918, Will-Burt is 100% employee-owned and is classified as a small business.