Project Payload Area Wind Chart

Ultra Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Mast Wind Chart


Click here to download the Wind Chart

Survival Wind Speed Assumptions:

  • Payload weight = 1,200 lbs.
  • Coefficient of drag = 1.2
  • Mast securely constrained at bottom of mast as well as approximately 5 in. (127mm) below collar of base tube by WB supplied hardware or equivalent
  • 0° mast base angle
  • All wind speeds measured at ground level
  • Payload centroid is on mast axis at top of mast
  • Survival wind speed will be reduced for payload centroid above the top of the mast

Guy Kit

  • 2-level, 4-way guying to platform and 9” tube
  • 3/16” steel guy lines
  • (4) Screw-in anchors
  • 60’ guy radius

Note: Deployment wind speed will be significantly less than the survival wind speed.

No Need for a Cherry Picker – Ultra can lift your largest antennas! Ultimate Unguyed Performance – Reduces space needed for set-up

Click here to download the Survival Wind Speed Chart

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