Rapid Deployment Mobile Tower Systems

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Rapid Deployment
Mobile Tower Systems

Integrated Tower Systems’ (ITS) line of Rapid Deployment Mobile Tower Systems are affordable and innovative rapid response systems manufactured to both civilian and military specifications and built to withstand many of the world’s most demanding environments. Whether designed for the seamless installation of common or client-specific technologies, or pre-integrated with an ITS or client furnished Communications or Surveillance Solution, ITS’ rapidly deployed equipment are proven key components in establishing the flow of vital information from remote and urban areas of need. For additional information, please view our Video, Email Us or contact an ITS Representative, Toll Free at 1-800-850-8535.

Mobile Tower Solutions

up to 130 ft. / 40 m

up to ±750 lbs. / 340 kg

Mobile Mast Solutions

up to 100 ft. / 30 m

up to 1,200 lbs. / 544 kg

Rental and Flexi-Fleet Configurations

Flexi-Fleet™ Program for immediate portable tower deployment in case of emergency